Win a $30 gift card from The Children’s Place and send your kids back to school with style


The Children’s Place is an American specialty retailer of children’s apparel and accessories founded in 1989. Children’s Place provides apparel, accessories and shoes for children from newborn to 10 years old.  Here moms find big fashion for little prices for boys and girls.

Did you know that it is the Place for school uniforms? With great prices and a variety to selections, it the reasons why is a great choice to find all your back to school needs. You can take advantage of great sales going on for back to school such as:

  • Get 25% off every uniform piece or 30% if you buy 4 or more
  • Basic denims are only $10
  • Short sleeves graphic tees are $5 each

And don’t forget you can take advantage of Tax Free Holiday (based on your state available) for an additional discount.

Visit the nearest Children’s Place closest to you and send your kids back to school with style. Check out their website at for more information about discounts.  You can follow then on Facebook and Twitter for more details.


Sign up for the Summer of Social Fun

Summer is a great time to share the love with your fellow Social Influenzers and grow your following. Is there a better place to share love than on social media? We don’t think so, that is why we have created the Summer of Social Fun!



Summer of Social fun is a month-long event that will help you grow your following, and make connections with other Social Influenzers through TAG videos. TAG videos are fun videos that go around on Youtube. They consist of questions that can have to do with beauty, the season, holidays, etc. We are doing our version on Instagram.

Your mission is to create a short video (:30 seconds) on Instagram, tag a fellow SI and answering ANY (or all if you are ambitious) the following questions:

  1. Favorite place to visit during summer
  2. Favorite sunscreen you use to protect your skin (you can show the product if you have it)
  3. Type of foods you like to eat during summer ( you can show the food item)
  4. Beauty tip (short and simple)
  5. Fun or unique activity to do with the children during summer.

Over the course of Summer of Social Fun, we will be posting the videos of all Social Influenzer participant on our Social Influenz Facebook page. Please make sure you support the participants.


Ready to have some fun? Then sign up below.  Deadline is 7/7. Once we have the names of all participants, we will pair you up (unless you have someone in mind you want to pair with and share the fun.)

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What is a Community Manager and why you need one

The online community manager role is a growing and developing profession. Online community managers may serve a variety of roles depending on the nature and purpose of their online community, which may or may not be part of a profit motivated enterprise. In the past community managers evolved from forum moderators and developers. They would enforce their community’s policy, social norms, and retain order. While there are some similar requirements and educational backgrounds that companies are seeking in community managers, the only general theme between them is that they are seeking brand evangelists. These brand evangelists will shout from rooftops (blogs), converse with friends and connections (social media), and occasionally toast to it as well (tweetups and meetups).


In order to be truly successful, and to adhere to social media manager responsibilities, a company should incorporate a community manager position in their social media training. This way, the company’s social media foundation can be established and maintained so that their presence can stay strong. Below are five reasons why your business should include a community manager position in their social media training efforts, and why social media manager training is incredibly important.

  1. Become One Voice – To avoid having your company’s voice sounding like it was pieced together, a community manager can create one unified message and voice to represent the company’s services and products. Having a streamlined voice can boost loyalty and good customer services skills.
  2. Manage A Community – As one of the most important aspects of social media training, the community manager can be a strong advocate for the company’s efforts. They will be able to spend time reaching out to different clients and potential viewers to help the growth of the company. This way, a strong social media presence can grow.
  3. Increase SEO – In the social media training process, a strong community manager will understand what it takes to boost SEO. They will be able to create unique content and be able to navigate through search engines and other social media platforms that will help the company’s productivity. For example, if a college offers a paralegal degree program, they may be able to write content that boosts this career field, possibly an article on success stories of being a paralegal.
  4. Build and Trail Campaigns – The community manager will have the proper time and dedication to develop campaigns from the ground up and will be able to see through the company’s social media endeavors. Additionally, having this position will make communication easier between different departments in the company in order to support various campaigns. Another great aspect of having a community manager is that this employee will have the proper social media training to monitor campaigns and shift their focus to improving the company’s efforts. They will be able to see what is working or what is not working and strive to improve the company’s online presence.
  5. Possess the Right Knowledge – An effective community manager will have the necessary skill sets and knowledge to understand the business world. As the social media voice of the company, the community manager can interact and engage in trending strategies.

With their focus on social media trends, a strong community manager can implement new techniques for boosting your company’s online reputation and progress. They will have the opportunity to spend the time researching best practices and constantly improving the company’s growth and development. Overall, hiring a community manager will take the weight off of many people, which will help cut back on stress and multitasking. Additionally, having a community manager will keep correspondence and the social media presence alive and consistent.


Social Influenz will partner with IKEA to help unveil their 2014 catalog

IKEA® Orlando, in association with Social Influenz, will present their new product line for children, Living with children, all moments count, to influential bloggers in a private event next month. They will be among the first to receive the 2014 IKEA Catalog, learn more about their long-term priority, Living with Children, and hear how they plan to influence design in the coming year.

Living with children with IKEA

Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are and discovering the world around them. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they’re all grown up, their children’s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

We look forward to this partnership and the unveiling of this children’s line that we know it will be fantastic just like the rest of their products. Follow the conversation on twitter using hashtag #IKEACataLOVE.